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The LGBTQ+ directory to show that your business is a safe and inclusive location. And the LGBTQ+ directory that will make finding services and safer locations easy, everywhere.

As an LGBTQ+ friendly business, it can be difficult to let new customers know that you are an inclusive and safe space. And as an LGBTQ+ person, it can be difficult when travelling, or heading to a new place to know which businesses are friendly, and which aren’t.

Not any more!

Simply add your business to our directory so potential customers can find you on the map. And if you are an LGBTQ+ person, find the perfect place for you.

The new invaluable resource designed for you.

Our Team

Jodie Kear


Jodie lives in Hertfordshire with her two boys, and works as an

Emergency dispatcher for the London Ambulance Service. Being an essential worker, the pandemic was hard as work was relentless, and on top of that, she was homeschooling a five year old whilst entertaining a one year old!

It is because of the Pandemic that Queerys exists.

Jodie became very aware that due to her job in the NHS, she didn’t have to worry about the financial impacts of COVID like many others did. She wanted to support small businesses, and as she is part of the LGBTQ community, it just felt right that she focused her energy on LGBTQ entrepreneurs.

She hopes by next year to have as many different industries represented on the website by LGBTQ entrepreneurs and their allies, therefore providing the community with access to multiple services and safe spaces no matter where they are in the UK.

When she isn’t saving lives or working on Queerys, Jodie enjoys kayaking, exploring new places and solving the crime documentaries on Netflix before it’s revealed. She’s also partial to a good pub lunch and of course, knows where all the LGBTQ friendly places are to get one!

Jodie Barden


Jodie lives in Suffolk with her four children, and is the owner of Ella Bella Weddings and Events; an unconventional wedding and party planner. She specialises in kickass and celebrant lead events, with no restrictions or judgements in what anyone wants on their special day. She is also fully inclusive, and proud to be a LGBTQ+ wedding supplier.

Jodie is all about the non traditional, throwing the rule book out the window and planning weddings solely focused on what makes the couple unique.If the couple doesn’t like being the centre of attention, she gets rid of the posed photos and dance, and instead introduces other fun aspects. If the bride wants a black wedding dress, or a greek goddess themed wedding, it is all possible. Why have a wedding confined by other people when you can have the day of your dreams?

If you are planning a wedding with a difference, Ella Bella Weddings and Events is your first stop. Star Wars themed wedding anyone?

Sarah Taylor


Sarah lives in Hove, near Brighton, and is a transformational coach, inclusion trainer and podcast host.

Sarah helps LGBTQ+ Trailblazers discover their purpose, live their authentic truth, and achieve their mind-blowing potential!

She’s an associate trainer for the UK’s first workplace qualification in LGBTQ+ inclusion and a proud board trustee for the Brighton-based LGBTQ+ mental health charity MindOut.

She’s passionate about LGBTQ+ people having equal opportunity to achieve the success, fulfilment, and happiness they deserve!

Her other big passion is educating and training LGBTQ+ allies to create inclusive businesses.

Sarah believes that the ONLY way we will eliminate discrimination, hate, and harm towards the LGBTQ+ community is by harnessing the power and support of our straight cisgender allies.

Sarah is deeply committed to her personal activism through visibility, representation, and holding inclusive spaces for queer folk and allies to create collective change.

Effi Mai Paul


Effi Mai Paul lives in Caernarfon in North Wales with her boyfriend and business partner. She is a content creator who works with businesses to come up with creative, inventive, and sometimes unconventional ideas to help them flourish. With a background in digital strategy and writing, she has worked with a variety of companies to assist with their social media and written content to help them grow! If you need social media advice, she is the one you call!

She is the co-founder of Six20Two, an agency focusing on experimental hands-on marketing. She worked in LGBTQ events in London for eight years, and partnered with many companies to make sure their social media was exciting, entertaining, and more importantly, inclusive.

Effi is an award winning blogger, and spends her free time reading romance books with a glass of wine, and trying to teach her cat how to do tricks. She is also trying to explore more of her home country of Wales and even recently purchased a waterproof jacket for the first time in her life.

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