Born and raised in Brighton (UK), Gabi (she/her) has been practicing yoga since childhood.

In the last 5 years, Gabi has been an active LGBTQIA+ equity educator and consultant; leading LGBTQIA+ trainings in various settings including running her own workshops for yoga teachers. In 2018 Gabi co-founded Laviot (, a social and supportive community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people.

Gabi's yoga and movement classes pull together her background in dance, her study of  pain science, and her deep reverence for heritage, wisdom, and ethics of yoga. Gabi is passionate about finding equity and justice through movement and making classes accessible to as many people as possible. Gabi's classes are free from assumptions and always taught through an inclusive and body positive lens.

Gabi has been inspired by her wonderful teachers including Sally Parkes, Kathryn Bruni-Young, , Susanna Barkataki, Adelene Cheong and many more.

Gabi's teaching style is light-hearted and supportive with an emphasis on consent and honouring your own body. Gabi's classes are often creatively themed around progressive movements and meaningful yoga ethics to leave you feeling grounded, calm, and energised. Each class is an individual journey to self discovery that everyone can explore. Gabi welcomes people of all backgrounds, sizes, ages, genders, and physical abilities into her classes with open arms. If Gabi could pick one thing for you to take away from her classes it would be to laugh more and smile more.

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Brighton and Hove, England, United Kingdom

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